3 amazing ways Gamma Horizon can help your business

3 amazing ways Gamma Horizon can help your business

In the modern business arena, many companies now are starting to wonder if their phone systems are operating as well as they could. If you are in that situation then it may be time to consider swapping from the traditional landline approach to a more flexible alternative. Switching to a VOIP set-up like the Gamma Horizon system can give many superb benefits.

Let’s take a look at three of the best:

Greater flexibility for staff

One of the real game changers when you run a system like Gamma Horizon is that it gives your staff superb flexibility in how they can work. Whether it is sending voicemails via their email to anywhere around the world or using their tablet to make calls, these kinds of systems suddenly stop people being tied to their desks. This, in turn, opens up a whole new way of doing business to you.

Superb reliability

As Gamma Horizon works via Cloud technology, it won’t be affected by local disasters or weather conditions. On the traditional landline system, a power outage or bad storm could really impact your business. The new kinds of Cloud-based solutions don’t need to worry about this though and will mean you never lose a call or a customer again. In addition, the Gamma network is very secure and dependable for extra peace of mind.

Easy to use and manage

The great thing about this phone system is that it integrates seamlessly into your workflow and can be easily managed by your IT team. The system itself is very simple to use for staff while giving a host of powerful features for more advanced use. It really is a system that can handle anything you need it for, from call recording to auto-routing.

If you don’t operate a Cloud-based telephone system within your business as yet, it may be time to seriously consider doing so. Gamma Horizon is one choice that many make for the above features it offers and the sheer quality of its design. From PCI compliant call recording to more flexibility for travelling staff, it is a system that gives great business support.

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